# 10

Tiptoeing through the damp high grass. Green and lush. Just a little further. I look at my feet while I walk. Watch as I put one foot in front of the other. My nipples are hard. Its all to do with timing. I pick up some flowers along the way, white daisies. I sever their stems close to the buds. Decapitate them. They rest peacefully in the palm of my hands. I carry them home. I have taken out a clear crystal bowl with engraved flowers on the sides. Unreal flowers. The water pours from the tap, cool and clear. I imagine its surface movements in slow motion. The white daisies get dropped into the water, bouncing slightly. A medium sized spider appears from under them, crawls frantically to escape the water. Tries to save itself from drowning. I must have been holding it the whole time. With my own hands.