# 2

Who do you think you are? Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately? You stand there in hope that I wont notice you but I do. You are not a secret, like me. Your unshielded eyes can´t see me. I can always see how you feel. Sometimes you just stand there motionless, like now. Totally apathetic and uninterested. I wish I could do that. My biggest problem is that I feel too much for others, empathise too much. I get involved even though I have not been asked. Feed the hungry. Nurse the sick. You on the other hand are so evasive. You seem to have a god given talent to weasel yourself out of situations. Walk sideways when some would go forward. Others are your pioneers. They plough your land and break in your horse. And when things get too difficult, you blush like a girl. But you are both strong and weak. Strong hands that are designed to hold on or to cause damage. Hands that can be your salvation and destroyer at the same time, or mine. But if it´s up to you do neither. You rather just exist without the effort of interaction. Disengage from the momentary. Like waiting for the bus with your eyes closed.